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Access. Alignment. Performance.

RCP Advisors is a private equity firm specializing in North American small buyouts.

Adding value from every angle

Our unique investment approach, deep relationships, expertise, and proprietary analytics have provided investors access to the attractive small buyout space since 2001.

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$ 14 B+

Committed capital 1

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500 +

Partnership investments 2

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3400 +

Portfolio companies

We operate with a singular focus

We’re committed to small buyouts, an attractive sector that is full of opportunity. Our approach relies on rigorous analytics, and we strive to deliver consistent, compelling returns. We provide investors multiple access points to small buyout investments.

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We provide access to otherwise hard-to-reach managers and investments.


We’re partners with both our managers and clients, which unites the interests of all parties.


RCP’s funds have historically produced strong returns across multiple economic and market cycles.3


We value rigorous research and data-driven decisions throughout the investment process.

Competitive advantage powered 
by unparalleled insights

Our proprietary data and analytics platform, built and refined over decades, informs our investment process and decision-making.

The latest from RCP Advisors

1. As of 6/1/24. “Committed capital” primarily reflects the capital commitments associated with our SMAs, focused commingled funds, and advisory accounts advised by RCP since the firm’s inception in 2001 (including funds that have since been sold, dissolved, or wound down). We include capital commitments in our calculation of committed capital if (a) we have full discretion over the investment decisions in an account or have responsibility or custody of assets or (b) we do not have full discretion to make investment decisions but play a role in advising the client on asset allocation, performing investment manager due diligence and recommending investments for the client’s portfolio and/or monitoring and reporting on their investments. For our discretionary SMAs and commingled funds, as well as for our non-discretionary advisory accounts for which RCP is responsible for advising on all investments within the client’s portfolio, committed capital is calculated based on aggregate capital commitments to such accounts. For non-discretionary accounts where RCP is responsible for advising only a portion of the client portfolio investments, committed capital is calculated as capital commitments by the client to those underlying investments which were made based on RCP’s recommendation or with respect to which RCP advises the client. Committed capital does not include (i) non-discretionary advisory accounts no longer under advisement by RCP, (ii) assets managed or advised by the Private Capital Unit or HB Units of RCP 2, (iii) capital commitments to funds managed or sponsored by RCP’s affiliated (but independently operated) management companies, and (iv) RCP’s ancillary products or services. 2. Refers to RCP’s discretionary investments. 3. Past performance does not predict, and is not a guarantee, of future results. RCP’s investment strategy is subject to significant risks and there is no guarantee that any RCP Fund will achieve comparable results as any prior investments or prior investment funds of RCP.