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Customized Solutions

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RCP Customized Solutions provide bespoke private equity separate accounts and investment advice to select clients.

In addition to our primary, secondary, and co-investment funds, we provide advisory services and customized separate accounts for select clients. These accounts are individually constructed and managed by a dedicated advisory team which utilizes RCP’s firm-wide resources. 

We work with clients that are building a new private equity program and those that are already experienced but are seeking enhanced exposure to small buyouts and other attractive adjacent markets.

The RCP Advantage

RCP’s advisory clients are able to leverage our expertise, relationships, and disciplined investment processes to build a solution to meet their needs.


Clients benefit from our years of experience and recognized brand name in the small buyout community.


We provide the opportunity for clients to access sought after and supply-constrained managers.


We support independent investors, leveraging our research capabilities to prioritize due diligence in every investment.

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RCP offers bespoke investment programs individually tailored to larger clients’ preferences in investment discretion, pricing, and portfolio construction.

Meet our Customized Solutions portfolio manager

Our team brings decades of experience to our investors.

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