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Our Focus

Helping investors navigate a unique market

The lower middle market is inefficient and fragmented. It’s also a vast, critical force in the North American economy. For more than two decades, small buyouts have been our singular focus, and we’ve helped investors navigate this market successfully, generating compelling returns across multiple economic and market cycles.

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Fund Managers

We are a well known partner to small buyout fund managers in North America. We provide capital through limited partner investments in their funds.

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Secondary Sellers

We seek to expand our extensive sourcing network of GPs, LPs, and secondary intermediaries to enhance our position as the buyer of choice of secondary positions in small buyout funds and companies.

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Co-Investment Partners

We have a long and established reputation as a reliable and efficient co-investment partner to buyout managers (fund GPs and independent sponsors) in the lower middle market.

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Limited Partners

Our reputation with private investors and institutional investors alike has led to a global, diverse roster of limited partners based in 37 different countries on 6 different continents.1

Select partners

The sponsors identified herein are a representative sample only and do not purport to be a complete list of sponsors with which RCP has invested. The inclusion of logos throughout this website does not imply any endorsement by these sponsors. RCP does not guarantee access to any of these sponsors. Information on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security.

From our partners

RCP has been a terrific partner investing in our funds and in select investment opportunities. The team at RCP is smart, thoughtful and responsive. It’s been a true pleasure working with them.

Stephen Davis Managing Partner, Banneker Partners Banneker Partners

We truly appreciate the partnership we have cultivated with RCP Advisors over the years. Their thoughtful and supportive approach, combined with their industry experience, has provided meaningful insights for our firm. 

Gavin Turner Managing Partner, Mainsail Partners Mainsail Partners

The team at RCP invested in getting to know MPE Partners years before they became an investor; they tracked our progress and offered helpful advice along the way.  When they decided to invest, the folks at RCP were prepared to move quickly and with conviction. Today our relationship with RCP includes primary, secondary, and co-investment partnerships.  RCP also provides us with thoughtful insights for our ESG program.

Joe Machado Partner, MPE Partners MPE Partners

RCP has been a consummate partner as we’ve grown Parthenon. We’ve appreciated consistent support and advice for nearly 20 years.

Brain Golson Co-CEO and Managing Partner, Parthenon Capital Partners Parthenon Capital

RCP has deep domain knowledge in the lower middle market and has been a responsive, thoughtful, and supportive partner over many years.

Jordan Richards Managing Partner, Sverica Capital Sverica Capital

RCP Advisors has been an outstanding long-term investment and thought partner for WestView since we started the firm in 2004.

Matt Carroll Managing Partner, WestView Capital Partners WestView Capital Partners

RCP is the premier example of what Mason Wells values in a Limited Partner having invested in multiple Mason Wells Buyout Funds. Their reputation and brand in the North American lower middle market buyout space is second to none.

Jay Radtke Executive Managing Director, Mason Wells Mason Wells

RCP Advisors has been an invaluable partner to Arlington for over 20 years. As a clear thought leader in the middle market, they’ve built a world class ecosystem of investors and partners. We appreciate RCP’s transparent, efficient approach and highly recommend them as a trusted, supportive partner.

Peter Manos Managing Partner, Arlington Capital Partners ACP

The statements contained herein were provided by the general partners and/or managers of certain underlying funds in which one or more RCP Funds have invested. Such endorsements were given by persons other than a current client or investor of the Firm and were provided on a voluntary basis for no compensation (monetary or otherwise).

1. As of 6/1/24.