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RCP is an Experienced Advisor which Offers Investors Customized Investment Solutions to Tailor Individual Needs

RCP Solutions provides private equity investment advice, access opportunity, and awareness to select clients. We provide non-biased, professional advice to clients who are looking to maximize their investment in lower middle market private equity, but maintain investment discretion, relationship management, and fund administration controls. RCP is an experienced advisor with the expertise to guide the investor through every step of this process.

  • RCP is able to leverage its strong market position, depth of knowledge, and niche focus to advise clients on investments

  • Assist investors in gaining market awareness and the opportunity to access top quality North American Lower Middle Market Private Equity funds that RCP believes are best able to meet a client’s investment needs and achieve their return goals  

  • Provide independent investors with due diligence support by leveraging RCP’s Investment Team and unique manager research platform, GPScout


If you would like to learn more about RCP Solutions, please contact Alex Abell, Partner, at


The services provided by RCP through GPScout do not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services.

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