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RCP’s respected name and leadership position within its target market have attracted commitments from over 1,500 limited partners to the RCP Funds. RCP’s investor base is diverse, including large institutional investors (e.g., endowments, foundations, and pension plans) and private clients (e.g., family offices and individuals) from across 47 states, 27 countries, and 6 continents. Additionally, RCP enjoys substantial investor continuity across its family of funds, with approximately 72% of limited partners invested across multiple RCP funds. RCP believes that this speaks to its investors’ high level of satisfaction with the Firm’s investment strategy, implementation, and client service.









​*As of November 1, 2018. **Capital Committed. Representative Investor List does not constitute an endorsement of RCP Advisors or its advisory services by any of the investors or investors’ advisers listed above. It is not known whether those listed approve or disapprove of RCP Advisors or its services.

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