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RCP Advisors Exclusive Podcast Episode with Capital Allocators

Lower Middle Market Buyout Investing – A Conversation with Alex Abell, Managing Partner at RCP Advisors

May 9, 2024 – We’re pleased to share a recent conversation Alex Abell, Managing Partner at RCP Advisors, had with Ted Seides on the Capital Allocators podcast. The discussion covered lessons learned investing in small buyout funds across assessing managers with data, benchmarking, blending quantitative and qualitative factors, and applying insights to primary, secondary, and co-investment investing.

Listen to the full episode here

About RCP Advisors

Founded in 2001, RCP Advisors, a subsidiary of P10, Inc. (NYSE: PX), is a private equity investment firm that provides access to North American small buyout fund managers through primary funds, secondary funds, and co-investment funds, as well as customized solutions and research services. RCP believes it is one of the largest fund sponsors focused on this niche, with ~$14 billion in committed capital* and 57 full-time professionals as of May 7, 2024.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. There can be no assurance that a fund will achieve comparable results as any prior investments or prior investment funds of RCP. Source: RCP Advisors. *“Committed capital” primarily reflects the capital commitments associated with our SMAs, focused commingled funds and advisory accounts advised by RCP since the firm’s inception in 2001 (including funds that have since been sold, dissolved, or wound down). We include capital commitments in our calculation of committed capital if (a) we have full discretion over the investment decisions in an account or have responsibility or custody of assets or (b) we do not have full discretion to make investment decisions but play a role in advising the client on asset allocation, performing investment manager due diligence and recommending investments for the client’s portfolio and/or monitoring and reporting on their investments. For our discretionary SMAs and commingled funds, as well as for our non-discretionary advisory accounts for which RCP is responsible for advising on all investments within the client’s portfolio, committed capital is calculated based on aggregate capital commitments to such accounts. For non-discretionary accounts where RCP is responsible for advising only a portion of the client portfolio investments, committed capital is calculated as capital commitments by the client to those underlying investments which were made based on RCP’s recommendation or with respect to which RCP advises the client. Committed capital does not include (i) non-discretionary advisory accounts no longer under advisement by RCP, (ii) assets managed or advised by the Private Capital Unit or HB Units of RCP Advisors 2, LLC, (iii) capital commitments to funds managed or sponsored by RCP’s affiliated management companies (including, without limitation, Five Points Capital), and (iv) RCP’s ancillary products or services.