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RCP'S Robust and Powerful GPScout Database Serves as a Strong Competitive Differentiator

RCP has developed a database, GPScout, that has become an important tool in its ability to track and maintain its fund manager relationships, prioritize sourcing initiatives, and organize and analyze information obtained during this initial stage and throughout the investment selection process. The database that RCP has developed is a robust and powerful information resource that stores and organizes information on RCP’s universe of buyout managers and provides analytical tools to improve RCP’s performance in the critical fund sourcing, fund selection, and portfolio management activities. In particular, the database provides the following capabilities:


  • A centralized means of collecting, storing, and updating detailed information on 7,500+ individual funds across 4,000+ private equity firms, and 28,000+ private companies, including revenues, margins and transaction multiples, that the Firm leverages in its quantitative analysis and in RCP’s targeted universe of buyout firms*

  • Detailed information on the individual funds sponsored by those managers

  • Robust analytical functionality, which provides important tools that aid in the performance of due diligence on individual funds and the comparison of terms and performance among a group of funds

  • Integrated contact management tools that record a history of the timing and substance of meetings between RCP and the managers and that assist in the setting of priorities for proactively maintaining those relationships and improving RCP’s sourcing abilities

  • A highly organized system of storing and organizing all internal or external information on a particular manager. This allows links to news items, portfolio management information, investment selection files, internal notes and comments, and legal documentation. In addition, all of RCP’s fund selection, evaluation and portfolio monitoring forms (as described in more detail below) are entered and compiled through the database that RCP has developed

  • Powerful sorting and reporting capabilities that assist the Investment Committee in setting priorities for fund sourcing and fund selection


The database RCP has developed brings an important element of discipline, precision, and consistency to RCP’s sourcing, selection, and portfolio management activities. In addition, approximately 200 private equity firms visit RCP’s offices during a typical investment period, which, along with the Firm’s CRM facilitated outreach program, keeps RCP top of mind when managers are coming to market.






*GPScout: Provides private fund and investment-level performance data drawn from fundraising and diligence documents produced by general partners and publicly available information, as well as quarterly unaudited and audited annual financial statements produced by RCP’s underlying fund managers.  These documents are provided to RCP by the fund managers themselves. As of 2/1/24, RCP’s database contains information on 4,000+ fund managers and 7,500+ funds. Please note: RCP’s database has been rebranded as GPScout. RCP’s subscription-based manager research platform, formerly named GPScout, has been rebranded as GPScout Navigator.

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