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Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion (DEI)

RCP believes that diversity in the workplace means that our team reflects the society in which we live and that inclusivity means upholding a culture in which that diversity is recognized and valued. RCP is committed to continuous development, built on the premise of equity, that encourages and embraces our employees’ differences.

Individually and collectively, RCP employees share the responsibility of understanding the great importance of such simple, taken-for-granted things as a respectful work environment and for ensuring that every employee is welcomed, accepted, and rewarded according to their contribution to the attainment of the Firm’s goals and objectives.

​Partner Organizations

In February 2021, RCP became a signatory of ILPA’s Diversity in Action initiative. RCP’s goal in joining the initiative is to learn how to better promote diversity and inclusion from and with its peers in the investment community.

Additionally, RCP is working towards its goal of increasing diversity in its hiring practice by partnering with several minority and women-focused national organizations to post open positions on their job boards.