As one of the largest families of funds-of-funds focused solely on North American lower middle market buyouts, RCP Advisors believes that its niche focus and corresponding market expertise are critical factors for successful private equity investing. Through deep industry expertise and a diverse background of professionals, RCP provides distinct advantages to the firm’s investors. With 40 professionals dedicated solely to middle market fund investments and with a senior management team with over 100 years of combined experience in this market, RCP believes that it is the premier investment manager in this niche of the private equity market.

RCP’s large and capable team is solely dedicated to providing its investors the best private equity investments available in the lower middle market buyout arena. RCP is employee-owned, and many employees have been at RCP since its founding over a decade ago.

All of the critical functions required for success and superior client satisfaction – including investment sourcing and selection, portfolio management, investor relations, and fund administration – are performed in-house by RCP professionals. RCP believes that this results in better coordination and quality in investor service. Additionally, the information that is collected, retained, and analyzed through these efforts promotes better fact-based decision making and investment selection.

Investment Committee

Thomas Danis, Jr.

Managing Principal

Jeff Gehl

Managing Principal

Charles Huebner

Managing Principal

Jon Madorsky

Managing Principal

William “Fritz” Souder

Managing Principal

David McCoy

Principal and Portfolio Manager

Investment Team

Alex Abell

Principal and Head of Research

Nell Blatherwick

Principal and CCO, Legal and Compliance

Michael Feinglass

Principal, Sourcing

Andrew Nelson, CPA

Principal and CFO, Portfolio Management

Adam Ciborowski, CPA

Vice President, Portfolio Management

Cristopher Conner, CFA

Vice President, Advisory Services

Calvin Kleinschmidt

Vice President, Investments

Raj Patel

Vice President, Investments

Michael Rice

Senior Associate, Sourcing

David Baine

Associate, Sourcing

Jason Barbera

Associate, Investments

Sean Knightly

Associate, Investments

Ross Koenig

Associate, Research

Colin Monasterio

Associate, Investments

Andrew Nelligan

Associate, Investments

Lindsey Dukesherer

Database Administrator

Greg Krzywda

Analyst, Investments

Matt Plunkett

Analyst, Investments

Patrick Ryan

Analyst, Investments

Niall Varley

Analyst, Research


Chris Bradley

Director, Marketing and Communications

Denise Hammond

Director, Fund Administration

Sandra Hernandez

Senior Associate, Legal and Compliance

Debra Mize

Senior Associate, Fund Administration

Divya Punjabi, CPA

Senior Associate, Accounting

George Bozonelos, CPA

Associate, Accounting

Andrew Ogletree

Associate, Legal and Compliance

Julie Stuart, CPA

Associate, Accounting

Mary Van Arsdell

Associate, Marketing and Communications

Zach Johnson

Analyst, Fund Administration

Lexi Wilkinson

Analyst, Fund Administration

Shea Fielder

Reception and General Office Administration

Jodi Davison

Reception and General Office Administration