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RCP Believes It is Well-Positioned to Access Attractive Investment Opportunities Lead by Diverse Managers

Private equity has the ability and imperative to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, effecting change in ways that neither the public sector nor public market investors can. RCP believes that DEI-focused investing is a crucial step toward a future where such focused funds are obsolete, as their effects will be naturally occurring in the marketplace – elevating private equity to a more inclusive and equitable industry. This, in turn, will have a far-reaching ripple effect that benefits our communities and society.


The moral imperative for investors to pursue DEI investing aside, research consistently reports that diversity results in financial outperformance across both diversely owned or managed private funds and businesses. Combining the societal benefits with proven financial performance will help ensure that the recent emphasis on DEI investing is enduring and transformational.*

DEI investment opportunities are overwhelmingly focused in the lower end of the private equity landscape; RCP believes this makes the Firm well positioned to execute investments in diverse managers, as its historical market niche expertise in the lower middle market across its fund strategies results in attractive deal flow access. 


RCP employs the same rigor and proven diligence process utilized across its full family of funds to identify and underwrite diverse manager talent, continuing to source through its universe of lower middle market sponsors. RCP believes its experience performing due diligence on and underwriting emerging managers serves as a key advantage in evaluating diversely-managed investment opportunities; furthermore, RCP believes its extensive private equity and transaction experience make it an appealing candidate to diverse managers as a strategic partner.


*Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. There can be no assurance that a fund will achieve comparable results as any prior investments or prior investment funds of RCP.

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